Desert Invasion - U.S.

Pictures of invasion on private and county lands near Sierra Vista, Arizona

Set 3

Trash left by illegals in Cochise County.


Cow eating illegal's jacket, which will probably seriously injure her.






Concealed hut and water stash used by illegals, adjacent to pick up point about 100 yards from an improved road.


Illegal alien pick up site.


Pick up site.


Pick up site.


Marijuana drop site, smuggled in burlap "backpacks", which are left behind.


Marijuana drop site. Often when illegal alien smugglers arrive at a designated pick up area, they are required to discard most of what that they brought with them due to limited vehicle space.


Marijuana drop site.


Trash left by illegals.


Water drop. It is suspected that locals are assisting illegal entry into our country. This site is about one mile from an improved road. Notice the hot food sacks, Chueches and water.


Food drop left by locals for illegal aliens.



Sierra Vista area invasion pictures:
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Photographs 2003-2004, Henry Harvey