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Political Issues

The Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus was formed to introduce immigration sanity into our national policy. The Caucus is chaired by Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO, 6th District).
"Perhaps the White House is finally getting the message. It's about time they realize that the people of this country justifiably feel that the U.S. border is a sieve. It poses a real threat to our security and ignoring this fact represents the most egregious evidence that the federal government is shirking its responsibility to the people of this nation."
    -- Congressman Ton Tancredo

See additional statement from Congressman Tancredo's office on 115 incursions of Mexican Army onto U.S. soil.
Congressional Record March 4, 2003 - Testimony in U.S. House of Representatives of Congressmen Tancredo on halting illegal immigration and national security consequences of not doing so.
Congressional Record September 10, 2002 - Testimony in U.S. House of Representatives of Congressmen Tancredo and Hoekstra on destruction of our border parks and killing of a U.S. Ranger.

Ask your Representative to join the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus. See How you can help Invasion Numbers.
William King, a retired chief Border Patrol agent, estimated that it would take up to 20,000 troops to secure the borders adequately. He said the administration has a duty to "take care of Americans first." "What's mind-blowing to me is that many of our troops are currently guarding borders and protecting the sovereignty of other nations while our own borders are incredibly in total disarray, wide open to any criminal activity imaginable," Mr. King said.
(From Troops for border sought, by Dave Boyer, The Washington Times, June 19, 2002)