Desert Invasion - U.S.

Pictures of illegal immigration invasion near Sierra Vista, Arizona

Set 1

Sierra Vista, AZ

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Sierra Vista is a small town 15 miles north of the Arizona-Mexico border, on the southeast Arizona border. The area surrounding Sierra Vista is well known as a corridor for illegal entry into the United States.

Sierra Vista, Arizona, 15 miles from the Mexican border, is a hot spot of illegal alien and drug smuggling activity. This layup area covers a quarter of an acre west of town.


This same layup area is within a stone's throw of residential housing. Here, illegals wait and rest up from their walk from the border until their arranged transportation arrives.


A few miles southeast from Sierra Vista, an obvious trail has been worn by illegal aliens in the desert shrub.


A mile down the road, the well-worn trail leads to a massive layup area, extending 1/4 mile into a gully.

Each illegal alien leaves an average of 8 pounds of trash at layover and pickup areas. Reports from the Border Patrol Tucson Sector indicate that 8,000 - 10,000 illegal aliens are entering that sector every 12 hours. That means 7,305,000 illegal aliens leave 58.5 million pounds of trash every year in the sector.


Trash, clothing and Mexican water bottles and cans are discarded at layup areas. Human waste is a serious problem.


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