Desert Invasion - U.S.

Videos of illegal aliens invading the United States

Most of the following videos taken by concerned American Citizens.

A local Arizona person took this night video of illegal aliens sneaking into the United States. The location is near Sierra Vista, Arizona, a few miles from Roger Barnett's ranch. This is an example of the many groups of illegals sneaking into the US every night.

Do see this short investigative video:
Border Fence Fraud - This is Not a Fence.

Here is a video of illegal aliens coming
out of the shadows.

Amnesty Trail, Altar Valley, AZ - October 2007, 4 AM (3.1 mb) - Location: "Amnesty Trail", 5 miles north of Three Points, AZ, 60 miles north of the AZ/Mexico Border, Southwest of Tucson, AZ.

Map of Three Points, AZ There is no active Border Patrol presence in this area... "if we don't see them, they don't exist" (we call it the "Got Away Zone"). The Border Patrol generally do not respond to calls from citizens in this area as they have no manpower in this area (and the illegals know it).

The Amnesty Trail is a corridor that runs north from the Sasabe area on the Arizona/Mexico Border to the area of Three Points and on North.

The article, The Amnesty Trail, by Leo Banks was published in The Tucson Weekly.

As one of a group of independent citizens who have been trying to get the Border Patrol to interdict the hundreds of aliens pouring through this area each night for over two years to no avail, we have come to the conclusion that the "Amnesty Trail" apparently falls into one of the non-official U.S. Government "designated routes" which are to remain open. A retired USBP agent verifies my suspicions in a recent letter.....

".....As a property owner at the Diamond Bell Ranch sub division, Three Points, we sold our home when prices were up in real estate, and still have some acreage at the Bell. It's beautiful country, a land I've loved since early 1974 when the Los Diablos Cartel controlled the corridor from Sasabe to Three Points. Previously mentioned in USBP discussion.
The east gate was a wire gap in the border fence, an unofficial entry point as well as the west gate. Narcotics, cocaine, marijuana and human trafficking through the area were controlled by the Los Diablos, Nosogra family. For many years the intersection of 86 highway, 286 at Three Points which borders the Tohono O'odam Indian Nation were known as Cocaine Alley, Smuggler's Trails, Death's Hiway and lately the Amnesty Trail. Our small group of agents with assistance from two Arizona State Troopers took back and held the territory for a brief period of time. I might add that local citizens, residents, ranchers, property owners along the corridor were invaluable in providing information to the U.S.B.P. which continued for many years. Their knowledge of what was transpiring in their remote areas led to multitudes of arrests, EWI [Entering Without Inspection] as well as Narcotics interceptions.
These routes are correctly pegged the "designated routes" which remain open in a high intensity smuggling area that has not changed since l974. For years prior and since September 11, 2001, the smuggling trails from the Baboquivaries east in the Altar Valley were a point of least resistance.
News medias from every quarter have addressed the issue from early 2003 to the present, and most residents, taxpayers on the border are "tired of both political parties" in general. Perhaps basic common sense that is lost in D.C. can be found in Arizona, smuggling trails with discarded passports, airline passes, OTM [Other Than Mexican] lintel that comprise some very interesting entries without inspection.
The documentation, trash left behind by illegal alien groups discarded on smuggling entries in the Atar Valley alone measure metric tons. The same holds true on the Tohono Indian Nation.
Amnesty Trail is a correct term for Cocaine Alley. If we have not identified and corrected the problem in decades, something is without a doubt amiss. As an Agent, I've worked the territory and also lived in the area which is a beautiful section of Arizona. The smuggling trails by any name in the Three Points area have been dangerous for local residents as well as LEOS spanning twenty years."

Armed Coyotes - July 2007, 2 AM (11.7 mb) - Location: "Amnesty Trail", 5 miles north of Three Points, AZ , 60 miles north of the AZ/Mexico Border, Southwest of Tucson, AZ. These "coyotes" had just escorted a of group of Illegal Aliens to a "pickup" point. They can be seen handing "long arms" to one another. The short guy slings some kind of a short barrelled weapon over his shoulder... possibly a MAC-10 or an Uzi.

Amnesty Trail Layup Area - September 2007 (7.3 mb) - Amnesty trail "layup" area 5 miles north of Three Points, AZ, 50 miles north of the Border. The dumping of all the backpacks, etc., is an indication that the illegals are at the end of their journey and are getting ready to be picked up by a vehicle.

Map of Douglas, AZ East of Douglas - October, 2007 (25.3 mb) - East of Douglas, AZ, 5 miles north of the AZ/Mexico Border. Long-range Thermal Imaging Video of a group of 17 illegal aliens. These groups make their way north to be picked up on Hwy 80 which runs Northeast to Rodeo, NM, or make their way north through the Chiricahua Mountains to Interstate 10.

Illegal Aliens Running - October 2007, 1 AM (1.7 mb) - Amnesty trail, 10 miles north of Three Points, AZ, 60 miles north of the Border on the Trico Pole Line. As to what "spooked" the aliens in the videos... in both cases, citizens turned on vehicle lights and/or hand held spotlights. Illegal aliens run, not because they "fear for their life", but because the know what they are doing is illegal and they fear being apprehended and deported. Illegal aliens are not exploited here. They exploit us.

Amnesty Trail Apprehension - October 2007, 2 AM (18.2 mb) - Amnesty trail, 30 mile north of the Mexican Border. The Border Patrol was called and this group was apprehended... one of the few to be apprehended this far north of the border.

Shaw Layup Area - October 2007 (22.8 mb) - Amnesty Trail, 40 miles north of the Mexican Border. This is a another "layup/pre-boarding" area where illegal aliens are picked up by vehicles.

The following video was taken by another concerned citizen.

Drug Mules East of Douglas - November 2, 2007 (10.8 mb) - This long-range thermal imaging video was taken East of Douglas, AZ, approximately 20 miles north of the Border near the Arizona/New Mexico state line. The video shows four drug "mules" carrying illicit cargo. Six people were in the group. Four were apprehended by the Border Patrol, after being guided in by a private citizen. 139 pounds of marijuana was confiscated. Two got away. Originally posted at American Patrol.