Desert Invasion - U.S.

Other Than Mexican (OTM) items found near Three Points, Arizona

Set 3

Postcard: Cairo - The Ibn Tulun Mosque, 867 A.D., Egypt.


Back of postcard - Egypt.


Postcard: The Blue Mosque, Egypt.


Postcard: The Citadel and Mohamed Aly Mosque, Egypt.


Actual photograph of location in Egypt


Photograph of a painting. This was likely discarded by an Other Than Mexican (OTM) - unless Mexicans have started carrying photographs of people wearing turbans.


Photograph of a painting, presumably of mideast origin.


Trashed backpacks, discarded by suspected narcotics "mules".


The above material was found near several residential areas in Three Points, Arizona, in September, 2004 by former U.S. Border Patrol Agent John Slagle.

For more information, see the articles Return to "Terrorist Alley" and Illegals from terrorist nations are crossing the border into Arizona, KVOA News 4, Tucson, AZ, August 9 and 13, 2004. You can also go to the articles section and browse article archives. Then do a search in your browser for terrorist, Other Than Mexican, OTM, secial interest aliens, and SIA.

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