Desert Invasion - U.S.

Pictures of illegal immigration invasion near Cocaine Alley - Three Points, Arizona

Set 1

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Three Points is the area around Robles Junction, Arizona, 30 miles southwest of Tucson and 45 miles north of Sasabe on the Mexico border. Because of increasing population pressure, traditional open range is giving way to housing development.

The area is also known as Cocaine Alley and OTM Alley - meaning Other Than Mexican Alley - because of the large number of non-Mexican illegal aliens historically apprehended in the area. Drug runners and illegal aliens both travel north from Sasabe on the Mexican border, along the Altar Valley, north of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge and parallel to Highway 286.

One of many illegal alien layover areas is just off this road, only a few miles from homes in the area.


This illegal alien pickup point is only a few miles from residential housing. Here, just off the road, illegal aliens wait for their ride to destination cities throughout the U.S.


Illegal aliens and drug runners wait under cover of darkness at layup points after walking north from Sasabe on the Arizona border.


When their ride arrives, they are ordered to leave everything behind - backpacks, water jugs and personal items - so that more people can be squeezed into the pickup vehicle. It is not unusual to find vans loaded with 20 illegal aliens inside.


Personal items, clothing and water jugs left by illegal aliens. Often, women's torn undergarments are found; women are routinely raped by the "coyotes" they pay as guides.


Trash, discarded items, human waste and toilet paper easily covered 400 square yards at this layup point.


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Photos 2004 Fred Elbel