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The United States is being invaded across our southern border. Ranches, border towns and public lands are being overrun as danger escalates. Read this stunning article describing how bad things really are: Apache Arizona - A Border Manifesto by Ed Ashurst.
Millions of illegal aliens and drug runners have entered into our nation because, while protecting the borders of countries half way around the world, the most powerful nation on earth lacks the political will to protect our own borders. Neither of the two major political parties care about the future of our country. Republican constituents profit from the cheap labor that illegal immigration brings. Democrats seek to bolster their party with votes from the immigrant bloc. Even though poll after poll shows the vast majority of Americans want their borders protected, Congress refuses to adequately address the illegal immigration invasion and to adequately fund measures to protect our border.

How large is the invasion?

Why the tidal wave?
Our fragile National Monuments, National Wildlife Refuges, National Parks, and National Forests along the U.S. southern border are being annihilated - not by natural forces or by unwitting tourists, but instead by an overwhelming number of illegal aliens (up to 300,000 in Organ Pipe National Monument alone in recent years) who rampage through and destroy these supposedly protected areas. Our beautiful and pristine areas, set aside by Congress to preserve for future generations, are quickly being turned into National Sacrifice Areas:
The Coronado National Forest in Southern Arizona sits along 60 miles of the U.S.-Mexico Border. It has become one of the most popular drug smuggling routes in the Southwest, with smugglers moving on foot across the forest, typically carrying homemade backpacks filled with 50+ pounds of marijuana.
A barbed wire fence demarcates most of the border between Douglas and Nogales, Arizona. There are several places, however, where a gate has been simply been put in the fence to make crossing through it less of a hassle. In one place, the fence gives way to nothing more than a cattle guard.
The rugged Coronado National Forest has become strewn with literally thousands of trails and footpaths worn into the land by the flow of illegal aliens. Often, illegal aliens leave their campfires burning, starting forest fires. Over 60,000 acres of the Coronado have burned in recent years, much of it the result of fires started by illegal aliens, according to the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus.
view of damage A July, 2002 report by Interior Department, Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Environmental Protection Agency says, "As a result of the vast amount of smuggling of humans and controlled substances in Southeast Arizona, the extremely valuable, and sometimes irreplaceable, natural and cultural resources ... are in jeopardy." This is not just a few footprints in the sand. Some of the damage is unbelievably extensive and will take up to 200 years to repair.
piles of litter at layup area In addition to direct damage to the fragile desert ecosystems, tremendous piles of litter and drug-carrying backpacks are discarded, along with thousands of abandoned vehicles.
Tragic loss of life has now occurred. In August, 2002 a U.S. park ranger was gunned down by a foreign national in Organ Pipe National Monument. (See open letter by Ranger John Malone and congressional testimony.) Drug traffic is a significant component of illegal travel through our border areas, and over one hundred incursions have been conducted by the Mexican army onto U.S. soil, purportedly to protect foreign drug runners.
Our park rangers, naturalists, and ecologists are not trained to defend our borders against armed incursions, nor should they be. A July, 2002 Bureau of Land Management report calls for a $23.5 million first-year expenditure to deal with the incursions. To fully implement the five-year plan, the cost is estimated at $62.9 million. This is a reasonable amount to spend to protect our fragile border National Parks, Monuments, and National Wildlife Refuge areas against incursions by foreign nationals, and to prevent further loss of life.
It's just barren, desolate desert, right?
Organ Pipe National Monument That couldn't be farther from the truth. Our National Parks, National Monuments, National Forests, and National Wildlife Refuges were designated as such because of their unique and irreplaceable natural beauty and character. Many of these areas represent the last remaining intact ecosystems of their type and many are sanctuaries, way-points and destinations for migrating bird species.
Saguaro cactus in fog So what are the politically-correct media saying about this disaster? Practically nothing at all, although there are a few good articles.
What are national environmental organizations doing about this desert destruction? Absolutely nothing. Not one major group has taken a position on this attack of our natural heritage, let alone even acknowledged it. Even the Sierra Club has hobbled itself by an outrageous neutrality policy on the consequences of mass immigration. In the meantime, our border monuments, forests, and wildlife areas of Arizona are being destroyed.
So where's the fence?
The U.S. Government has committed to building a border fence and have claimed as of 2009 that hundreds of miles of fence have been built. But what they have built along most of the border is a token "fence" that easily allows the passage of thousands of illegal aliens.
See this short investigative video:
Border Fence Fraud - This is Not a Fence.
Fortunately, you can make a difference.
Here's what you can do.
"A nation without borders is not a nation." --President Reagan


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