Desert Invasion - U.S.

Pictures of illegal alien layup point at Waddell Dam, 30 miles northwest of Phoenix

The following pictures were taken in June of 2004 at Waddell Dam recreation area, 30 miles northwest of Phoenix (see road map). The location is 200 feet north of Carefree Highway (Highway 74) and 2-3 miles west of Waddell Dam. This layup area is about 1,000' x 2,000' - about the size of an apartment complex.

It is possible but unlikely that coyotes (smugglers) led illegal aliens on foot to this layup spot from the Mexican border. More likely, coyotes drove illegal aliens here and left them to wait for further transportation to destination cities in the U.S. It is becoming more difficult for illegal aliens to remain invisible at drop houses because more and more American citizens are fed up with this activity and are reporting drop houses.

Garbage, clothing and human waste.


This layup area covers 1,000 by 2,000 feet.


A Mexican Matricula Consular card was found, as well as some Mexican Pesos.


Food labels include pull top cans of Tuny brand meats, fish, and tostada mix; also Jumex fruit drink cans and Fiesta! soda cans as well as Mexican style Kool-aid type vitamin C mix.


Note garbage bags, which contain clothing and supplies.


Shelter made under tree.


Another shelter under a tree.


Discarded clothing and water bottles. All extra baggage is left behind when the illegal aliens are picked up and crammed into vans and trucks for transportation to destination cities in the U.S.


Photos 2004 anonymous contributor