Desert Invasion - U.S.

Pictures from of the destruction of national parks, monuments, and forests on our border

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Like most ranching families on the Arizona-Mexico border, the Winklers live behind protective bars. "We are having steel gates like this made for all our doors." says Doris Winkler as she peers through an armored entrance. "We never know what kinda people will try to bust in our home." Photo provided by the Paragon Foundation.

Not a cattle or game trail, but a well-defined human path across the IGO ranch. Photo provided by the Paragon Foundation.

Trails like these crisscross private and public lands throughout the southwest, leading into the U.S. from Mexico. Photo: Jon Dougherty/WND

Heaps of trash - sometimes two feet deep - litter private property for miles near the border in Arizona. Photo: Jon Dougherty/WND

Homemade road sign outside of Douglas, Ariz., erected by local ranchers protesting what they perceive as lax federal border policies.
The above color photographs are copyright and are linked directly from the website. See the following articles for complete stories and pictures: 'Arab terrorists' crossing border, by J. Zane Walley,, October 19, 2001.
Slipping through, by Jon Dougherty,, February 7, 2003. (Articles will open in a new browser window).

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