Desert Invasion - U.S.

[Criminal illegal] Immigrant trash feeding bear forays, experts say

By Associated Press,

TUCSON - At least four bears have been destroyed this summer after encroaching on humans in southeastern Arizona, and biologists say the trash dumped by illegal immigrants hiking through border mountains is part of the problem because it acclimates the animals to people.

Drought has caused shortages in acorns, juniper and manzanita berries that normally are dietary staples for black bears this time of year. Summer rains came too late to help produce more of the food sources that bears need as they prepare for hibernation, said Kurt Bahti, an Arizona Game and Fish field supervisor.

As a result, bears in the Huachuca Mountains and elsewhere have had to scrounge more, relying heavily on human food...

Immigrants [Criminal illegal aliens] crossing through the forest leave behind trash and leftovers, tainted with human scent, that teach the bears that people mean food, experts said....

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