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Message to Politicians Running in 2006: Today We Note, Tomorrow You're Out of Here

By Jan Herron, Magic City Morning Star

The primary objective of every politician is re-election. His greatest fear is losing at the polls and getting a "voters' pink slip." So long as voters continue to re-elect them, they assume their constituents approve of their conduct, no matter now despicable. Never has this principle been more obvious than watching members of the US Senate vote on "comprehensive immigration reform."

In achieving "regime change" via the "voters' pink slip," we must concentrate on Senators up for re-election in 2006, letting them know their "Pink Slips" are on the way, especially those who have supported the George Bush immigration agenda. Targeted "Pink Slip" recipients are listed below:

Democrats: Daniel Akaka (HI), Jeff Bingamon (NM), Robert Byrd (WVa), Maria Cantwell (WA), Thomas Carper (DE), Hillary Clinton (NY), Kent Conrad (ND), Robert Menendez (NJ), Mark Dayton (MN), Diane Feinstein (CA), Ted Kennedy (MA), Herb Kohl (WI), Joe Liebermann (CN), Ben Nelson ( NE ), Bill Nelson (FL), Paul Sarbanes (MD), Debbie Stabenow (MI)

Republicans: George Allen (VA), Conrad Burns (MT), Lincoln Chafee (RI), Mike DeWine (OH), John Ensign (NV), Orrin Hatch (UT), Bill Frist (TN), Kay Bailey Hutchinson (TX), Jon Kyl (AZ), Trent Lott (MS), Richard Lugar (IN), Rick Santorum (PA), Olympia Snowe (ME), James Talent (MO), Craig Thomas (WY)

Independent: James Jeffords (VT)

Immigration control groups in these senators' states should stage protests in front of their district offices, delivering "Help Wanted" listings showing available work in construction and service industries - for a fair wage.

The method for giving "the boot" to senators who refuse to represent "we the people" is obvious: politicians must hear LOUD AND CLEAR messages that constituents are sick and tired of illegal aliens being allowed to take all our economic and natural resources while these politicians send the bill to law-abiding citizens. Because federal officials refuse to enforce our immigration laws, our country has become overpopulated with urban sprawl, bankrupting every American citizen and legal immigrant who obey US laws.

None of these disasters would happen without pandering politicians from both sides of the aisle. Both those serving global business' demands for cheap labor and those seeking pandering to ethnic lobbies in hopes of their "cheap votes" (from both legal AND ILLEGAL immigrants) are in bed together.

Yes, my friends, illegal votes! Many illegals are voting with the tacit approval of politicians who fear losing votes of the "Hispanic community" if they prevent illegals' voting or promote their deportation. That phony myth was exposed in 2004 when 48% of Arizona's "Hispanic community" voted for Prop 2004, making clear that the "Hispanic community" is like every other American in recognizing the threat to America posed by illegal immigration and the illegal aliens for "cheap labor" businesses.

Contacting President Bush is useless; he cares only for illegal aliens and nothing for Americans. House members respond to citizens' letters and phone calls, knowing they must be responsive. Even if their form letters offer only tepid responses and cliches, they never forget that they face the voters every two years.

The constituional function of Congress is representing American citizens, providing checks-and-balances to the power of the President. Unfortunately, most members of Congress forget it within 6 months of arriving in Washington.

Americans are outraged at politicians' "aiding and abetting" the takeover of our Southwestern states by illegal aliens not even entitled to be in the US. Those outraged Americans if united are a mighty force. "We the people" are the middle class whose taxes drive the US government, but we're adrift in the ocean without a captain. We're excluded from tax loopholes awarded to the rich, and the poor with their low incomes don't pay taxes at all, so America's middle class suffers from "taxation without representation."

Both the Republican AND Democratic parties are indifferent to the welfare of Americans and US sovereignty. They've formed a coalition to sell our country to China, Mexico or other high bidders. Their global business cronies contribute millions to politicians' campaigns to buy legislation allowing them to bring swarms of Third World cheap laborers to the US. Their objective is to create a class of medievial serfs by combining bankrupt Americans to their "cheap labor immigrants" to create permanent class of American serfs.

What's worse is that both parties had the audacity to be proud of their performance records during the 2004 elections! The government by "we the people" to serve us has become our worst enemy. With the exception of a few brave leaders like Tom Tancredo and his Congressional Immigration Caucus, we've learned that none are to be trusted. Congressman Tancredo's firm belief that the rights of Americans must come first have placed him on the election defeat hit-list" of both Republicans and Democrats.

Despite the phony words of George Bush, the Mexican government is no friend of Americans. US politicians who pander to Mexico's corruption may fool themselves, but they don't fool Americans. Do these elitist bureaucrats think that today's MEChA is just a student fraternity with its goal of partitioning the US Southwest into Aztlan? MEChA is only one of many US-based Latino groups who hate America and work for its destruction with US taxpayers' money given to them by pandering politicians.

During the 2006 election, we must identify politicians who pander to illegal immigration and vote them out ... one at a time. Voters need only to "make an example" of a few of these traitors with a "voters' pink slip" to cause the others to clean up their act. Even this early into the election year, incumbents are being given "the boot:" the mayor and 3 councilmembers of Herndon, VA, Congressman Tom Osborne of Nebraska who admitted his "soft" position on illegal immigration cost him the gubernatorial primary, and Congressman Chris Cannon of Utah who lost the Utah GOP delegate poll after 6 terms in Congress.

Last Monday night, Americans saw that President Bush clearly believes his whims outrank God's wishes in how America is to be governed. Despite Karl Rove's reassurances to the contrary, the election of George W. Bush was not the Second Coming of Christ!

A Few Thoughts:

California is classic evidence of "open borders catastrophe." The state's 18 million population in 1965 has doubled to 36 million-plus, largely resulting from immigration. The projection of 56 million by 2035 is also based on immigration.

96% of California's 1990s-era population explosion came from immigration.

California's agricultural Central Valley is a breadbasket for much of the nation. Within 25 years, 50% of that agricultural area is scheduled for bulldozing to accommodate housing and services demanded by increased immigration.

To accomodate that population explosion, California must now build one new elementary school every day, 365 days a year. The vast majority of that school population is illegal aliens or "anchor babies."

California's multi-year drought of the late 1970s has now spread to other Western states. Imagine the disaster in 2036 when future California droughts affect 56 million thirsty Californians!

Today's California is tomorrow's America, a future of wall-to-wall bodies, unraveled social structure, depleted resources and an environment exhausted by mass immigration. It's coming to your state soon!

Politicians are like everyday citizens; their personal interests affect their perception of events. Our President, elected representatives, journalists and media employees refuse to see citizens' outrage because it would require them to act against their own vested financial interests.

The illegal alien invasion must be publicly and factually disclosed to every American. That disclosure must be based on facts, not the emotional rhetoric and deception of politicians and biased "politically correct" propaganda from the news media. Policy decisions must be made openly, heeding the opinions and needs of Americans, not pro-illegal immigration vested interests.

Begin by scrutinizing the airwaves and insisting that all radio stations broadcast "the whole truth and nothing but" that we currently hear only on CNN's Lou Dobbs. Why is he the only national broadcaster with the courage to tell the story of the illegal immigration invasion and it's harm to Americans?

Contact your local radio stations and insist on objective coverage and debate on the impact of illegal immigration. If the radio host presses the "ignore" button on you, stop listening to these "don't touch me I'm a star" radio personalities. Switch to another local station or listen on the web to those willing to tell the truth about the most critical issue facing the US: immigration, both legal and illegal.

Support those broadcasters and journalists willing to tell the truth about illegal immigration. Use the "off" dial to those who "kiss the rings" of power-drunk politicians who pander to illegal immigration.

Remember that these power-drunk politicians work for us, even if they seem to have forgotten it.

Today we vote, tomorrow you're out of here!

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