Desert Invasion - U.S.

Volunteers Clean Up Trash Left by Illegal Immigrants

By Staff writers, KPHO Phoenix

(CBS 5 News)--Deep in the desert around Lake Pleasant, a used razor sits in a wash on the desert floor, part of the tons of trash that illegals discarded during their journey from Mexico to the U.S.

Before illegals cross the border, most purchase a backpack for the journey, pre-packed with food, water, a trash bag for cover if it rains, and a change of clothing. Once they arrive, they remove their dirty clothes, discard the backpack and its contents, and head toward town, in search of a new life, leaving behind the symbols of their old life in the desert.

The Minutemen, along with a group called "Arizona Hunters Who Care," organized a cleanup Saturday. The trash covered an area larger than two football fields. Using rakes, hoes, and wheelbarrows, they braved triple digit desert heat to wipe clean the evidence of those who entered this country illegally.

Lance Altherr of the Arizona Hunters Who Care explained, "This is where deer, javelina, quail should be running around, and they can't because these areas have been invaded by trash, and illegals."

The fruit of Saturday's labor: at least three dumpsters worth of trash. Cleanup volunteers said that in some areas the refuse was nearly three feet deep.

Immigrant [criminal illegal alien] dumpsites like these are common around the border, but it is somewhat rare to find them this far north. [Actually, this is a false statement, as one can see from articles and photos on (])

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