Desert Invasion - U.S.

Mexico reconquers the U.S.

By Staff writers, Worldnet Daily

For years, we've been hearing the rumblings that radical activists in Mexico were planning a "Reconquista" or reconquering of the American Southwest.

Judging by the events of the past few months, it seems clear that they've already succeeded.

This week, the U.S. Senate decided to reward those who break our laws and enter our nation illegally by granting them legal citizenship here. It's called amnesty, and it's a concept that has found growing support among conservative politicians who had once promised us that they would fight against any amnesty proposal.

Forget the Democrats they have been hopeless on this issue. Now, Republicans are breaking a promise to those who elected them because of the political pressures they face not from their conservative base, but from the pro-illegal immigration lobby that is strongly backed by the Mexican government.

This is mind boggling given recent polls which show Republican voters are furious about the way the immigration issue is being handled by GOP leaders....

The illegals who sneaked across our borders are now today taking to our streets en masse to tell U.S. government officials that we must comply with the demands of the Reconquista, or else they will threaten us with anarchy.

In Oceanside, Calif., the uprising by pro-illegal immigrant activists was so potent that school officials took down all U.S. flags and banned anyone from displaying Old Glory. Do you get it yet?...

Instead of the United States patrolling the border to protect our nation, there are reports that Mexico is sending in a larger contingent of Grupo Beta, an elite Mexican police force that ensures the safe passage of illegal aliens from Mexico into the United States....

While Republican leaders are busy betraying their base, they risk not only political suicide, but are jeopardizing the future of our nation.

How can we watch the waves of riots in France (the world's official home of appeasement) and not recognize the dangers from taking in a flood of unskilled immigrants without assimilation?...

Whenever candidates of any political party vote to support amnesty as a number of Republicans and Democrats did earlier this week then they must face political repercussions and be voted out of office....

It's time to fight back.

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