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45,000 from terror-linked nations freed, students face 'illegal' life

By Laura Frank and Burt Hubbard, Rocky Mountain News,1299,DRMN_15_4774070,00.html

Immigration agents released half the people they detained who were here illegally from countries that sponsor or support terrorists, a federal study found.

Since 2001, 45,000 people from those countries have been released back into society, a Department of Homeland Security inspector general found in a report released last month. Some of those released had committed crimes.

The situation poses "significant risks" because ICE is releasing some people whose backgrounds are unknown, the report said.

Figures for Colorado were not available. When the Rocky Mountain News researched foreign-born inmates with immigration holds who were in Colorado prisons in May last year, more than 30 were from countries believed to support terrorism.

The federal study also found that as many as one in 10 [criminal illegal] immigrants who committed crimes in the U.S. are released, largely because of a lack of space and funds.

That falls in line with the findings of the News' yearlong investigation, which determined that at least 10 percent of the foreign-born prison inmates whose records were reviewed had a prior criminal record. Yet there was no record that immigration officials had tried to remove them before they committed the crimes that landed them in prison. ...

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