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US Border Patrol Agents Speak Out on Amnesty, Illegal Immigration Crisis

By Jim Couri, The Conservative Voice

The following was submitted to the National Association of Chiefs of Police. These are the thoughts of the US Border Patrol Agents Local 2544:

While President Bush and many of our politicians are selling us out we need millions of "good hearted" Americans who actually care about what we do to back us up. The country continues to be overrun with thousands more illegal aliens every single day folks. We're losing this battle - big time.

This isn't some concocted story, it's a fact from the front lines. If you want to live in a dream world ask the people in Washington D.C. what's going on. They'll confuse you with the pretty talk they learn in politicians' school (classes currently being administered by Vicente Fox in Cancun, Mexico). If you want to know the real story ask us. Amnesty DOES NOT WORK. They tried it in 1986. It was an absolute disaster. George Bush steadfastly refuses to listen to the people who put him in office.

Half a million protesters in Los Angeles, 20,000 in Phoenix, more in Denver and all over the country. Gee.......anybody think there is an illegal immigration problem in this country?

The vast majority of the protesters are illegal aliens, led by radical illegal immigration activists. The illegal aliens are not afraid of arrest, they are not afraid to be on television, they are not afraid to physically assault counter-protesters...

Maybe this will wake some people up. We doubt it. We can already see our spineless senators and congressmen hiding under their desks instead of taking a stand against this rampant lawlessness. Shame on them for letting things get this bad.

Thousands more arriving daily and our President still trumpeting amnesty to encourage them to keep coming, so don't expect improvement anytime soon. As usual, anyone who opposes these people's ideology is automatically, and most often without any justification whatsoever, labeled a "racist". It's usually the people screaming "racists" that are the real racists. Pretty sad state of affairs.

"We were overrun with aliens. A lot more got away than were caught." - This is a quote sent to us from a veteran agent who returned from a long camp detail in Tucson Sector last week. The country continues to be overrun with illegal aliens. We aren't coming close to stopping them, and most of the time we don't even slow them down too much. Don't believe anyone who even hints that our borders resemble anything that is "under control" (especially top-level DHS/CBP managers).

The old mantra of "as we gain operational control of (such-and-such) part of the border" is something designed to mislead the public into thinking we're making some sort of progress. There is no overall progress. Things are completely out of control at the border.

(Jim Kouri is vice president of the 14,000-member National Association of Chiefs of Police and staff writer for The Conservative Voice.)

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