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Birthday Border Patrols

By WROC, Rochester, New York, July 4, 2005

Terrorists never take a holiday, and neither does the United States Border Patrol, assigned to watch the waters of Lake Ontario for illegals trying to sneak into the country....

Last spring, the United States Office Of Homeland Security opened a full-time Border Patrol office in Irondequoit. It's the first time agents are making the rounds along the Canadian border on the fourth of July....

"If there are a lot of boats, people may try to blend in or it may be the opposite, they may stay away because they know we are looking and watching," said Cotsworth.

"There's a lot of cultures that come from other countries populated with terrorists, it's a straight shot across the lake", he said.

All suspected terrorists or illegal aliens that are caught, are brought to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol headquarters, where they are processed for detention.

Fingerprints are electronically snapped by computers.

"No matter what name they give or date of birth, if they've been arrested it'll show up", said Cotsworth.

The hi-tech equipment used on the suspected illegal aliens takes just a couple of minutes. A lot different during the good old days, when it took hours to determine a match....

...they know it's a matter of time before the bad guys attempt to cross over, and when it happens, agents say they'll be waiting....

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