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County declares border emergency

By Michael Sullivan, Sierra Vista Herald/Review, August 24, 2005

Following on the heels of Gov. Janet Napolitano's Aug. 15 declaration of a border emergency, the Cochise County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday morning took similar action.

The "Declaration of Local Emergency to Address Illegal Immigrant Impacts in Cochise County" says "an emergency exists as a result of illegal immigration and its resulting impacts, which endanger life or property."

The resolution asks the state to provide personnel, equipment and "fiscal assistance" to the county as needed, and calls upon the governor to do "everything within her power and authority to convince the federal government to assume full responsibility, including fiscal responsibility, to resolve this crisis."...

"We are at ground zero for undocumented immigration [criminal illegal alien invasion] into this country," said board Vice Chairman Paul Newman. "This emergency declaration is a clarion call to the federal government to assist our county's economic and emotional burdens..."

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