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New Mexico Governor Richardson admits he wants border left open

Richardson Makes It Clear

This Week with George Stephanoupolos, August 21, 2005

ABC Host George Stephanoupolos pointed to border fences used by the Israelis and asked Richardson why the U.S. shouldn't do the same. Richardson responded by saying such a fence wouldn't be "immigrant friendly" [illegal alien friendly].

[Thus, Richardson wants open border with Mexico so his "Raza" can overrun the United States. Anyone who doesn't understand this, including Stephanoupolos who failed to challenge Richardson on this statement, is a fool.]

Read the American Patrol summaries: "Calling the Bastard's Bluff - Richardson admits he wants border left open"

NPR Talk of the Nation interview, August 18, 2005

New Mexico Governor Richardson:

"I don't want to close the border. I just acted on an emergency declaration that triggers more funds for me. I believe, for instance, that if you look at New Mexico, we're one of the most immigrant-friendly [illegal alien friendly] states. We provide licenses to undocumented workers [criminal illegal aliens], tuition for undocumented kids [children of illegal aliens]."

Listen to the Talk of the Nation audio, covered on CNN's Lou Dobbs.

CCIR audio tape

"...we have to put aside party and think of ourselves as Latinos, as Hispanics, more than we have in the past." -- Bill Richardson, 1996, while in the U.S. House of Representatives

From CCIR audio tape.