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Reality check - Statement from U.S. Border Patrol Local 2544, Tucson

U.S. Border Patrol Local 2544, Tucson, Arizona

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"Our primary mission is to defend the country against terrorists and weapons of mass destruction from coming in."
- BP supervisor to East Valley Tribune

Millions upon millions of illegal aliens already in this country. Nobody has a clue how many there really are. Thousands more coming in every day... and the above ridiculous mantra (obviously from a manager who is too scared of HQ to tell the truth) is the best excuse they can come up with. Management should just buy a wind-up doll from their local Wal-Mart store and program it to say "Our primary mission is to defend the country against... ...". After the wind-up doll has repeated the phrase to at least 100 reporters they could promote the "loyal" wind-up doll to a higher level of management. Soon, we would have a complete management team comprised of wind-up dolls. It would save taxpayer money because a salaried manager has to be paid to keep repeating this phrase.

In defense of our current crop of managers, many of them are good folks who know they'll get fired if they publicly say something HQ doesn't like. In private, most will admit the obvious, that the whole thing is a sham. In any event, let's get this straight folks.

Our "primary mission" is to stop people from entering this country illegally. PERIOD. Always has been our "primary mission".

It's just that we have always had people like George W. Bush, John McCain, Raul Grijalva, Jim Kolbe, and others who have been selling us out while we take a beating trying to carry out this "primary mission". They don't really want us to carry out this "primary mission". They are more interested in sucking up to Vicente Fox and kowtowing to the illegal aliens we're supposed to be stopping.

There is a good series of articles in this Phoenix area newspaper. The only problem is that they go out in the "field" with a bunch of managers and the obvious rhetoric they are getting is tightly controlled by those managers. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that to stop "terrorists" and "weapons of mass destruction" from coming in you have to close up the borders to ALL illegal traffic. Otherwise, you don't have a clue who is really coming in or what they are bringing with them (other than TB and other common diseases they import everyday because none of them are screened like they're supposed to be).

Give this newspaper credit for trying to highlight a ticking time bomb though. Our communications system is going to get one of us killed. There is no excuse for putting men and women in dangerous situations and not backing them up with the basic tools they need to do their jobs. Our current administration appears to be more interested in spending untold thousands for elaborate "Chief Patrol Agent Installment Ceremonies" and similar wastes of taxpayer money. Meanwhile, agents continue to drive junk vehicles, have our rights (what few we had) attacked, and work in deplorable "stations" like Naco and Willcox.

Note to newspaper: Management won't give you the real story. They'll just bombard you with meaningless phrases and refuse to answer tough questions. 8-14-05

Visit the Local 2544 website.