Desert Invasion - U.S.


Immigration Border Wars

by Frosty Wooldridge
The Washington Dispatch
July 15, 2004

While you sleep, a war on our southern border lights up with guns and blood. While our soldiers fight in Iraq, our country suffers an invasion. While our borders remain open because Congress sits back with its tea and crumpets, our citizens suffer danger. Not a man or woman from San Diego, California to Brownsville, Texas can safely walk on the border without packing heat.

Do you remember reading about the Colombian Drug Wars? You shook your head, but figured it was in South America. No big deal! It’s not in your country. Guess what, they’re here. They operate MS-13 gangs in 28 American cities. Drugs are as available today as 30 years ago.

I interviewed former Border Patrol Agent and author of ILLEGAL ENTRIES, John W. Slagle.

He said, “At 2:30 AM, July 10, 2004, Border Patrol Agents encountered drug smugglers heading north from the Mexican line through Potero Canyon. The smugglers drove with their lights out. About 150 yards north of the border, the suspected dope vehicle stopped and smugglers fired at our agents who took cover and returned fire. Eleven rounds of gunfire from the agents caused the smuggler's to flee back into Mexico with the truck believed to be hauling contraband. No injuries and no arrests were made.”

“Since September 11, 2001 to today, our nation's border is a dangerous place,” Slagle said. “The armed encounters and exchanges of gunfire between Mexican criminals and authorities are all too frequent. Smugglers are also violent when stopped by agents and if armed will attempt to kill. Numerous AK-47 rounds were fired at an agent pursuing a stolen vehicle with narcotics. A smuggler transporting illegal aliens fired at our agent after being stopped on the Tohono Indian Nation. The wounded agent returned fire and an illegal alien was killed. A U.S. Park Ranger at Coronado National Forest in Cochise found a group of illegals being led by a guide armed with a pistol. The ranger fired at the smuggler who dropped the weapon and ran for the border. Incidents from 2002 including Mexican military incursions are documented but rarely reach national media attention due to pandering politicians and cooperation with a foreign nation.”

Slagle continued, “Armed encounters along our nation's borders occur daily. The fact that thousands of "illegal aliens" marching through our rural areas to 'load-up points" for interstate transport should be a cause for alarm in Washington. Are these unknown persons breaking the law to enter this nation as foreign guest workers? Are they friendly and welcomed with open arms, or a terrorist or two? Not all people who cross our borders are Mexican or Central American Nationals seeking work in agriculture at "indentured servitude" slave wages.”

What provokes this journalist’s disdain stems from the fact that, in the United States, the entire world knows through television coverage that both political parties embrace illegal aliens from any country? Our Immigration Laws mean nothing to Congress or our president. Tom Ridge is a standing joke to terrorists. The Border Patrol is "held on a leash" unable to accomplish an effective job without Special Interest Group intervention and politics from Maine to California. Interior law enforcement and labor sanctions are discarded by corporation demands pressuring Congressmen. It’s an organized cartel against the American worker.

Slagle said, “I'm proud of our agents who returned fire on narcotics smugglers this morning. Perhaps the politically correct solution would have been noninterference with fewer problems to contend with. When an agent fires his or her weapon in self-defense with AK-47 rounds incoming, his or her life is on the line, as well as his job. Many people must evaluate every aspect of the situation and in the event a life is taken--civil lawsuits to the ACLU are always "lurking" in the background. An agent can be terminated for any infraction of policy despite years of service.”

A growing section, ‘ethnic sympathy’ driven, of society believes in open borders, including millions of illegal aliens, their supporters, elected leaders and President Fox of Mexico who increasingly controls the immigration policies of a once sovereign United States. Sanctuary cities and states for illegal aliens grow daily. Police departments cannot question the nationality of a suspect unless a felony is committed because immigration status is not their concern. It may cause distrust in community policing, especially in largely populated immigrant neighborhoods. Never mind that legal immigrants and illegal aliens fill 29 percent of our prisons!

As this invasion continues on U.S. borders, narcotics distribution is a problem nationwide--large cities to small towns. The smugglers bringing in the cocaine and marijuana contrary to popular belief are "illegal aliens." The armed guards protecting "Stash Houses," to backpackers, to "mules" who bring in tons of contraband yearly, to the drivers of "load" vehicles with valid U.S. driver's licenses are not U.S. citizens, but foreign nationals.

Slagle said, “Murderers, rapists, thieves exist in any large section of society, from any nation in the world. With a million or more people from many countries crossing our borders, undocumented without inspection and with false names, most enter to work and support families. Human traffickers are the worst of humanity that prey upon these people. Extortion, kidnapping, murder to collect smuggling fees is the daily routine throughout the pipeline into the United States. The average smuggler makes over $5,000.00 tax free money a week.”

"Cheap labor" is not cheap and the major beneficiaries are criminal cadres, businesses, industries that exploit humanity for sub standard wages. Without employer sanctions, companies are free to do anything "greed" dictates--condoned by politicians and lobbyists.

What’s the solution? If enforcement of U.S. Immigration Laws and control of our borders is not an issue in this nation, why continue to place agents in harm's way? If the majority of people want illicit narcotics and millions of people illegally in this nation, why not allow the U.S. Border Patrol to be "Official Greeters" and control traffic on the line? Take away the firearms and arrest authority for narcotics or immigration violations. That would end dangerous "shoot-outs" where an agent or a smuggler could be killed or wounded. Fact is, the illegal alien Malvo who gunned down a dozen Americans from his car trunk was released, not by Border Patrol agents, but by our president and the Congress.

Slagle made the statement, “Since Congress won’t enforce immigration laws anyway, people would not die in the deserts and human traffickers could obtain licenses to haul thousands of people across the nation to needed areas where the population is sparse. Industries and corporations would have enough manpower to do the job for hourly wages of three or four cents an hour per employee. Search and Rescue Medics of the Border Patrol could be disbanded, also the Tactical Team, BORTAC and the Air Branch which would not be needed. Interior enforcement, BICE Special Agents could apply at an employment agency and Special Interest Groups would have to find a new line of work. Any police work accomplished in the United States would have to have to be a "hands off " principle to not offend any person or group. All persons entering this country should have the right to vote and receive every benefit from health, education to being exempt from paying taxes.”

Imagine this--the 8,000 immigration lawyers who do everything in their power to obstruct immigration laws would have to go make an honest living as a regular lawyer! Of course, the word ‘honest’ and ‘lawyer’ might be compared to the term peaceful Muslim terrorist and Mother Teresa!

Since it’s been estimated that 500,000,000 people would immigrate to the USA tomorrow if given a plane ticket, why not give them their wish? Then you’d have all the taxi cab drivers, fast food workers, janitors, cherry pickers, roofers, pavers, dry wallers, shop laborers, construction workers and other jobs in the hands of the Third World immigrants at Third World wages. We American citizens can outsource ourselves to China to find work to “make our lives better” since immigrants will have taken all the jobs “We won’t do.” Boy, doesn’t that idea put a thrill in your bones moving to Calcutta or Bombay for work?

Additionally, all persons residing in the United States should be able to use whatever name, when caught by police for some infraction, they choose or country of origin. These facts should not be important nor their intent to reside in our country. We are a diverse society and laws should be "outlawed." Since Congress and our president won’t uphold our laws, what’s the point of having laws?

What a Congress! What a president! What a country! Or whatever will be left of it!

Frosty Wooldridge is a teacher and author who has bicycled 100,000 miles on six continents to see overpopulation up close and ugly. Latest book, “IMMIGRATION’S UNARMED INVASION: DEADLY CONSEQUENCES,” due out in late July.